Creative, Urban Coolness and Green Mountain Scapes

Misty mountain scapes. A cup of hot hill tribe coffee in hand. Cool youngsters with perfectly combed hair and big doll-eyes, carrying bubble tea to class. Markets coming to life brining spices, colour and sounds to the city scape. Carries it into the night. Bikers, lovers and families hanging out at the river edge. Chiang Mai is the urban gateway to the slow green North. A charming doorway to a world you want to enter.

You feel it right away. Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand is different – entirely its own. It is slower, yet much more forward looking, remote, yet in the centre of it all. As the beating heart you will have Chiang Mai, the old city with its decaying city wall and lovely Sunday Market. But look closer and you will find cool new areas springing to life. Urban cool Korean inspired Nimmanehaemin and retro cool vintage markets with vespas and bus bars.

Use Chiang Mai as your base, then loop it to the laidback backpacker hangout Pai. Move closer to the Burmese border, the hills and misty scapes of Mae Hong Son and Mae Sariang. Go beyond borders and enter Burma from the backdoor, from Mae Sot and into another world.

Or go North to the slowness of Chiang Rai, to the coffee plantages and all the way to the Golden Triangle and the Mekong River that carves its way between two countries. Cross the river and Laos will be at your feet, slowboat your way South or head North via Luang Namtha to Yunnan.

Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand embrace it all. Like a layer cake you keep finding new things to add and you may never want to leave. You will not be the first one!

As an oasis and safe ground in the North you will find the Go Beyond Travel Service Center at ECO Resort Chiang Mai. Here’s friendliness, travel chatter, great adventures and a helping hand. Come see us for a cup of coffee and a travel talk.

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Ruean Thai Hotel

SukhothaiFrom THB 1,600.00

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