How to Get Around?

The Journey is your destination. So Make your local transportation, an exploration!

…And YES we can help with reservations of most local transportation for your convenience!

The slow, but (sometimes) comfortable ones:


Trains are made for transport, but most travelers who have used the train for explorations, can confirm that a train ride can be the finest way to get from A to B. Its pure freedom, its spacious, you can move around (if you are not in a packed third class non-sleeper in India), windows are the right size and height for seeing things on the way and there is attractions outside, but often also inside the train (…very much so in a packed third class non-sleeper in India!).

Nepal has no trains at all. But India and China are perfectly fitted for train journeys. Thailand and Malaysia are not bad either. Use it to connect between cities. And mix it with a cheap flight to cover long distances. We recommend a night train when available in 2nd class. sleeper. With OK comfort. Rolling into the night, seeing beauty and strange stuff out of the window when day breaks and life begins.

In India and China, with the growth of the middleclass, space in 2nd class sleeper is scarce and should be booked well in advance.

For a touch of train inspiration see the cool with a twist Indian road-movie Darjeeling Limited


Busses are everywhere in Asia and a very popular choice for locals as well as travelers. Often, because it is the only option. Sometimes, because it is the cheapest solution.

Busses are many things. It may be an old multi-colored and decorated one cramped with people to last seat in North India or Nepal. It may be an Aircon sleeper from Bangkok to the beaches in the South with great comfort. Sometimes busses is a fine option. But Busses are not the choice if it can be avoided - if you dislike road trips. If you have a choice, train is often more comfortable and our recommendation.

Localized transportation

In Thailand TUK TUKs and Songthaews, in India and Nepal Richshaws, trishaw in Vietnam… All Asian countries have their own colorful, and inspiring local transport used to get around in urban spaces or out on dirt roads between villages.

Fine options for getting one step closer to real life.


Well naturally sometimes when you have to cross a sea or river or lake, boat is the only option. But this said, Asia has some very spectacular boat journeys.

And on a boat it is a bit like on a train. You can move around, have the freedom to change position, have fine options to see the landscape, islands, sea, possibly the animal life. It could be on the Yangtze River in China, the Mekong between Thailand and Laos and in South Vietnam or maybe the outrigger boats from island to island in Indonesia and the Philippines. And quite a few places you have the option to do river rafting and sailing local bamboo rafts or small crafted boats. An exploration in itself really. So check out our adventures.

The slowest ones – getting one step closer to real life:


On a bicycle you can cover more ground than on foot.

You can smell (good and bad – certainly), get closer to things and you can go places unreachable by car. And it is easy to stop up and change routing as you go.

On a bike you have freedom to explore. On a bike you get (fresh) air. And you meet local people while cruising. If you are curious, check out our signature bike trips in urban Asia, or our tours off the beaten track with bike rides included.

Walking, trekking, on foot

Sometimes slowness is the preferred exploration mode. On foot you are slow but all of your senses are ready to explore. You can stop for a snack at a street kitchen, go down a small side-alley, go into a shop, explore a cave, or stop for a break and camp, just where you are in the middle of the mountains.

In some places, like the Himalayas, mountain areas in Northern Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia or China, walking or trekking is the only, and certainly preferred, option.

Keen on walking, trekking? Check amongst others our urban adventures across Asia and not least, our treks in the Himalayas.

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