Phu Quoc Island - all about slow beach life

Enjoy a slow life at the beach or in the water, have some massage, jump on a scooter (drive safely) and explore the island more remote southeastern part. Eat fresh seafood, with a cool beer. Phu Quoc is about slow beach life.

With its white-sand beaches and tropical dense jungle, it is no wonder that Phu Quoc island has become a favourite beach escape. Long Beach satisfy sun-seeking backpackers, comfort-seekers and families, while most other places on the island are still majorly undeveloped.

Go below surface and dive the coral reefs, kayak in the small bays, explore the island on motorbike (drive safely!) or just lounge by the beach taking advantage of the warm sun rays, abundance of seafood and very soothing massages.

Where to stay?

For a laid back luxurious treat, stay at Mango Bay Resort, at the fine Ong Long Beach. For a well maintained yet backpacker friendly alternative stay at Long Beach, with its more lively evening life. We have tailor made two Beach Packages just for you at La Mer Resort for families, and Viet Than Resort for backpackers.

When to go?

Go there in October , when the monsoon is still touching down, and enjoy some cheaper prices, few travellers, but also possibly serious downpours. Or wait until later in November, when weather clears up, the waves get small, and beach life starts again.

The weather stays stable till April , but expect higher prices for accommodation and more busy life from december to April. November is in-between and tends to be perfect…

How to get there?

Book a Beach packet through Go Beyond Asia for an easy hit-the-beach approach. Or head there your self and find your way to the soft sandy beaches.

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Mekong Delta and Phu Quoc Explorer (6 Days)

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